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New Server.

Growing Community.

Treasure Box drop 24/7.

2 Channels.

Highly Competitive.

Marvelous Rewards for Startups.

Double Experience on Weekends.

Double Drop on Weekends.

Monthly Updates.

Over 100 New Quests.

Story Line Based Quests.

24/7 GM Activity

24/7 Customer Support

Daily Events.Weekly Wars

Master Class Availability.

Huge Community.

New Clues Medal System.

New GYM BATTLE System.

Massive PK Wars.

Double Experience on Nightmares.

A Non-PK Channel.

Triple Experience Channel.

Hidden Ruins Availability.

Over 100 New Quests.

New Story Line Based Quests.

24/7 GM Activity.

24/7 Customer Support.

Daily Events.Weekly Wars.

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