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1421 July Events 7 July, 2012


July Events
Serafians, this July move forward to achieve more goals and gain more rewards.

Bring Honor To Your Guild:
Do you think that your guild members are strong enough to stand and fight any challenger?
Come now and Join us in this Guild VS Guild Event system.
-Event is team battle, each team consists of 4 member (Class Restricted).
Each team must have a Hunter,BeastMaster,Transknight and Foema.
-There are two divisions: Celestial Gods or Master Class.
-Each Guild Can Register up to two teams.
Example: XXX Guild registered 2 teams. 1st Team and 2nd Team.
-Each Team must include a Guild Leader or a Sub-Guild Leader.
-Registrations should be done on Forums, General Discussion Section, the Topic of Bring Honour To Your Guild Registrations.
-Registration Format:
Guild Name:
Team Name:
Character Names :(Specify whose wearing GL or Sub-GL Tag and level of each member along with their class.)

-Event is Consist of 3 rounds
1st Round is Elimination Round, 2nd round is Semi Finals and 3rd which is the final round.

Event Rules and Regulations:
-Any player who doesn뭪 follow the event rules and regulations or show any sort of disrespect will cause his team an immediate disqualification from the event.
-Use of Naiads is not allowed.
-Any player who doesn뭪 follow the event rules and regulations or show any sort of disrespect will cause his team an immediate disqualification from the event.
-Kingdom Dragon / Crown not allowed.
-All jewels are allowed.
-Registering with sub characters in teams to gain more rewards not allowed.

When: July 2012
1st week is for registrations, 2nd week starts 1st round and 3rd week is 2nd round and Last week is final round.

Arcane Amulet +0: 14 MAP or 40 DMG.

Bless To Success!!:
Are you tired of failing +10 and Weapon imbue. Here is your chance to get them made by a 100 percent success.

-Event consists of 3 rounds.
-Any Player can win only once.
-A Game Master will be hiding in various places inside the game and will give 1 hint about his whereabouts.
-To be a winner you must trade the Game Master your items:
For +10 armour/weapon:
-2 pieces of armour/ancient weapons +9
-1 pieces of wiseman stone
-50 Mil gold.
-4 similar jewels.
For God weapon imbue:
-1 D grade weapon ancient with stats +9
-1 E grade god weapon ancient stateless +9
-100 Mil Gold.
- D grade booster +9 weapon or armour.
Event period: July 2012
Winner gets the ability to make a +10 upgrade or God weapon imbue.

Up Grade D!!
Here is the chance for mortals to have the set they want and to make it +9 and Legendary in an easy way.

-The Game Master will hide and you must find him all throughout Seraf-3.
-The event consists of 5 rounds; each round has only 1 winner.
-Any Player can win only once.
-The first one to find the GM and trade him the necessary set of armor will win the round.
-Only the armor sets mentioned are allowed to be considered a winner.
-Any D grade armor set with any stats.
-The set should be below +7, meaning the set should only be from +0 to +6.
-Stats of the set don't matter.
-The Armor parts should not have LE (Legendary) Name. Only N, M, A are allowed.
-Armor set are as follow for each class:
Transknight:D grade sets: Dwarfen Plate Armor , Golden Embossed Armor.
Foema: D grade sets: Casting Robe, Mithril Robe.
Beastmaster: D grade sets: Iron Armor, Meta Elemental Armor.
Hunter: D grade sets: Nature Armor, Gold Curve Armor.
-You cannot mix up the set.
For example: You trade the GM - Iron Helmet,Iron Tunic,
Iron Bracers,Iron Pants, but your boots is Meta Elemental Boots, then that means
you DON'T win. Only same Type of armor are allowed. All 5 pieces must be Iron
Armor set.
*The set to be traded consists of Helmet,Tunic,Bracer,Pants, and Boots, Meaning five parts.

When: Friday 19:00 Game time

The D grade set you traded will all be upgraded to +9 and will be turned into LE (Legendary)

Mumbled Jumbled!!
Do you think you know all monsters in Supreme Destiny world, If you do come and join in this exciting event.

-The event is composed of 3 categories, each category have 5 rounds.
-GMs will shout unarranged letters of monster names that inhabit a certain place in Supreme Destiny.
-The First player to answer with correct spelling is considered the winner.

When: Wednesday 18:00 Game time

Event Rules and Regulations:
-Players must be Citizen of Server 2.
-Any Player Can Win Only Once.
-Answers must be written correctly

30m reward for shout round winners.
10m reward for civil chat round winners.
20m reward for forum round winners.

Scrap Traders:
You have some Scraps and you want to sell them for high profit. Here is your chance.

-A GM will be online every week at a certain time to trade gold for scraps.
-Any Player can trade the GM only once.
-Ori and Lak Scraps are the only traded items.

When: Monday 07:00 Game time

-100 Ori scrap for 50 M gold.
-100 Lak scrap for 80 M gold.

Hit The Movie Star!!
It is stars time to be remembered in Supreme Destiny World, Participate and Enjoy.

-Event consists of 5 rounds.
-Answers should be given in shouts.
-Any player can win only once.
-Each round has only 1 winner.
-Game Master will ask a question about a certain movie star.
-The first player to give out the correct answer will be considered winner.

When: Every Thursday 22:00 Game Time

Each winner receives 150 Million Gold.

Supreme Ideas
Do you think you have good ideas for events? Participate now and introduce your ideas and show your creativity.

뷒 player must create a unique game event.
뷪he event must be totally new and wasn뭪 made in the history of Supreme Destiny.
뷥osts to be added at Supreme Ideas at General Discussions section on Forum.
뷪he best five events are to be selected and be conducted on the following month.
뷤n creating an event kindly add the following:
Name of event:
Event Rules and Regulations:
When: (Date and time)

When: July 2012

The top 3 winners of the event each will receive 500 mil gold and their event will be held on the following month.

Happy Hour

Players are suggested to hunt for monsters during these hours for marvellous drops.

When: Friday on July 2012

Random Items every week.

Newbie Battle:
The King of Supreme Destiny has given his blessings to all the citizens of the world of SD, blessing their hunting times with marvellous surprising rewards that were hidden by the monsters.
Happy Hunting Gamers and May the odds be ever in your favour.

뷪he event is for mortal and god classes.
뷪here are four Divisions :
Level 1-100
Level 101-200
Level 201-300
Level 301-399
뷪he Event will be done as Last Man standing will be considered as the winner.
When: Every Friday, Monday and Wednesday at 15:00 Game time
Event Rules and Regulations:
뷪he Event is A Royal Rumble based event.
뷪here will be only one winner per division.
뷤nly Mortals and Gods Can Join This Event.
뷣o Teaming UP is allowed.
뷣o Registration Required.
뷫se of ancient weapons is not allowed.
뷫se of any armor higher than +9 is not allowed except for noobset.
뷪rading Another Character after you been summoned in PK Zone is not allowed and will cause direct disqualifying.
뷫se of Relocating skill or Resurrect Skill (Saphira skills) is not allowed.
뷫se of Resurrect Last Skill (White Foema) and Heal Skills are allowed for Foema Class.
뷫se of Summon Skills for Beast Master is allowed.
뷫se of Mounts and Circlets are not allowed.
뷫se of Guild Leader Crown and Dragon is not allowed.
뷫se of Civil Soul not allowed , While Soul of Limits skill allowed.
뷒ny use of third party programs will cause permanent block.
뷒ny player who doesn뭪 follow the event rules and regulations or show any sort of disrespect will cause his team an immediate disqualification from the event.

Note: All accounts participating will be checked before and after the fight so please follow the rules to avoid disqualification or being subjected to block sanction.

1-100: 100M Exp points + 20M gold
101-200:200M Exp points + 20M gold
201-300:300M Exp points + 20M gold
301-400:400M Exp points + 20M gold

Kephra Sealing:
We give you the chance to seal the 밙ephra to gain the blessing of the King.

뷒ll players online can join the event and help sealing Kephra in their server.
뷪he Event will start on both servers at the same time.
뷠ephra HP will be reduced by 50 percent.
뷛Ms will help tanking the smaller monsters for the players.

When: Weekly after routine server maintenance at 22:00 Game time.

Mortals: 10 million gold for each player joining till the end.
Gods: 15 million gold for each player joining till the end.
Celestial Gods: 25 million gold for each player joining till the end.
The Server that seals Kephra first will get extra 3 hours bonus drop rate.
The Player who gives the final blow to Kephra, Can Exchange Darkness Jewel and Moon Stone for 50 million gold each with the GM.

Bonus Experience Event!

Triple experience activated always on Seraf 3.
Doubel experience activated always on Seraf 1 and Seraf 2.

Weekend Bonus Drop Rate Event!

Enjoy the Hunt with the blessing of Supreme Destiny and gain marvellous treasures during the Bonus Drop Rate Event Every Thursday.
Event Period:
Starts: Thursday 00:00 Game time
Ends: Sunday 00:00 Game time

Level Up Events!

Gain the below mentioned levels and get premium items as rewards.
Level 2 will get Shire Horse 15 days
Level 30-34 will get Perfect A Grade Armor +8
Level 35 will get Normal C Grade Weapon 54dmg/24map +5
Level 80-83 will get Perfect C Grade Armor +5
Level 130 will get Normal D Grade Weapon 54dmg/24map +3
Level 255 will get Pegasus Egg of 3 Critical incubation
Level 351-355 will get Perfect D Grade Armor +0
Level 370 will get D Grade Gloves and Boots +9 Stateless (can be used either equipped as +9 armor or boosters to do ancient weapons)
Level 399 will get D Grade Breast and Pants +9 Stateless Stateless (can be used either equipped as +9 armor or boosters to do ancient weapons)
Level 400 will get Silver Circlet +9 (UNTRADEABLE)
Level 300, 385, 400 - 10 Water (A) scrolls
Level 355, 370 - 15 Laktorerium Powders
Celestial Characters:
Level 40: 10 Warrior seals or 80 Dilpunch Jewels
Level 90: 30 Warrior seals or 120 Dilpunch Jewels
Level 120: 30 Warrior seals or 120 Dilpunch Jewels
Level 160: 30 Warrior seals or 120 Dilpunch Jewels
Soul Characters:
Level 40: 10 Warrior seals or 80 Dilpunch Jewels
Level 90: 30 Warrior seals or 120 Dilpunch Jewels
Level 120: 30 Warrior seals or 120 Dilpunch Jewels
Level 160: 30 Warrior seals or 120 Dilpunch Jewels

Treasure Box Event!
Hunt monsters in Supreme Destiny, grab the Treasure Boxes and exchange them to gain the Premium items at the Gold Dragon in Armia.
When: Saturday and Sunday 18:00 Game Time

Vibrant Promotion Event!
Get more value on your purchase of Vibrant Money this month! Purchase small amount of Vibrant Money and grab the following items!

Additional Events
Hide and Seek, Locust, Flash Level up, Quiz, Trace the GM, Pig Race and many more exciting events!
For more details check our notice section and forums daily!
Stay with us for endless adventure and have great fun with Supreme Destiny throughout July!

Best regards,
Supreme Destiny Team

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